Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tommy Bahama: "If you knew Tommy like I knew Tommy........"

I remember when the name Tommy Bahama broke-into the menswear business back in the 80s.  Even though I was buying for land-locked Central Pennsylvania, every time Joel Cohen (owner of Young Men's Shop, Altoona and State College, PA) and I would put these "island, beachy" shirts and pants in the store, they FLEW off the shelves.

Now, 20+ years later, this name, Tommy Bahama, is back in my life,......in Collections of FURNITURE from Lexington Home Brands, which I've had an account for the last 2+ years.  According to my sales rep, Lexington's Tommy Bahama KINGSTOWN COLLECTION has been "trending up" lately,....which, in this Furniture Economy, is saying something.

Here's the VIDEO of the KINGSTOWN COLLECTION by Lexington.  When I "spec" this Collection, I personally try to mix some LIGHTER pieces into a room of furniture, but some clients just like to get everything to "match," which is AOK for my MATCHERS (Mel and David and Jane and Tom,...well, at least MEL and JANE know what I mean........); it's all-about what YOU, the customer, WANTS (with my expert help, of course!!!!!).

Nice, eh?

AND,......,,as you browse through the MANY other Collections of TOMMY BAHAMA, check out my FAVOURITE OUTDOOR COLLECTION of Lexington's: Tommy Bahama Island Estate Veranda, .......which has the look of leather-wrapped bamboo, but is made in WEATHER-RESISTANT aluminum in a great umber colouration,......FABULOUS for your OUTSIDE areas that just-might need a NEW LOOK for this Spring/Summer.

FEBRUARY is the BEST TIME to ORDER new patio furniture (so you're not scrambling-around in May, buying whatever-the-heck is available "off-the-floor" (you should know by now how rarely THAT works........).....

So, there you have it!  Quality-Furniture at AFFORDABLE prices,.....just measure your space and I'll be happy to do a floor-plan, no matter if you live down-the-Interstate from me, or,...as Pennsylvania Peeps know, Mark Sunderland Interiors has a pre-approved RECEIVING WAREHOUSE in Central Pennsylvania!!!!!  So let me know what you'd like me to price-out,...and, of course, I can start the process with some no-charge memo-samples in the colours of YOUR choice.

I look forward to hearing from you, as always.....

THINK SPRING!!!!!!   It'll be here before you know it!


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