Friday, December 21, 2012


I was not-only honoured to have been invited back for another Decorator's Showhouse at Callanwolde,....but was filmed as I prepared my rooms for their "12 Days At Atlanta's 'Biltmore'"........

Please watch as: Lathem, David, Loren, and I walk you through our rooms, telling our stories........Enjoy!

Cheers to All!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas at Callanwolde: Digital Photos by DIGITAL ARTS STUDIO!!!!

This past Monday, Barry Glustoff and his wife Robin, co-owners of DIGITAL ARTS STUDIO in Atlanta, were my guests at Christmas at Callanwolde.  It was so nice to see them both,.... ESPECIALLY as it was Robin's birthday, and she chose to come visit my rooms and Christmas tree as a relaxing thing to do on her day-off.

As many of you already know, I use DIGITAL ARTS STUDIO for MANY things: the Keep Calm and Carry On banners on stretched canvas shown in the photos, fact, my Keep Calm and Carry On 5x7" card (that I used as my theme on my tree......) was produced, beautifully, by Barry's department at Digital Arts Studio.

Robin is my GO-TO for ALL my custom-framing.  Most of the artwork you see here in the photos were framed by Robin and co-owner, Peter Leafman's framing department at Digital Arts Studio.  I've used them for over 10 years now.  My clients LOVE going there; you should call them sometime you have a framing-job or digital photography work; they're by far, the BEST in the South!

Enjoy Barry's photos of my most-recent rooms......



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at Callanwolde; my Second Year!

I was honoured to have been invited back to do a few rooms for the Designer Showhouse at Christmas at Callanwolde.  This year, I did the Foyer, The Great Hall, and The Grand Stairway Greenery.

Here are some pictures from our Premier Party,....many taken in my rooms!

BTW: I'm the one in the RED tails (as if you didn't know that).........

All photos courtesy of David Fisher



Monday, December 3, 2012


My Mission chairs, waiting for their new look.

...thought I'd blog about my upholstery-projects,...and give a SHOUT-OUT to my upholsterer for over 12 years, Aaron Richmond, owner of: M. SOUTHERN DESIGN CONCEPTS, Norcross, Georgia.

I met Aaron in 2000, and, after seeing his workmanship on a pair of chairs he did for one of my antique-dealer-friends,......hired him then-and-there for my first upholstery project,....and have used him EXCLUSIVELY since then.

Last week, I stopped-by and gave Aaron about 8-12 projects I need for my Designer Showhouse at: Christmas at Callanwolde.  He's such a Good-Listener,.....and I appreciate him telling me what I CAN and CANNOT do (sometimes we designers have the IDEAS,.....but sometimes our ideas do not interpret into REALITY.....).

My black/tan hounds tooth fabric and black leather for contrast-welt on a pair of ottomans.

Wait'll you see how Aaron at M. Southern Design uses my 
antique Caucasion rug on my Mission chairs....

Wait'll you see what I do with these ottoman frames!

Aaron's input is ALWAYS appreciated by this designer.

Here are some photos to share with y'all........your upholstery project is only as good as the skilled-WORKERS involved......

My good friend, Aaron Richmond, owner of M.Southern, my ONLY upholsterer for over 12 years.

Proud upholsterer!!!!

Skilled worker at: M. Southern Design.

Skilled worker at: M. Southern Design.

Another careful upholsterer.......

Why I've used M.Southern for over 12 years: attention-to-DETAIL!!!

Kudos, Aaron!   Kudos, M. SOUTHERN DESIGN CONCEPTS!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Look what I just found!!!!

Found this as Deborah and I were re-organizing my Design Studio last week.

So touched, as Mrs. Sparks, was, by far, my FAVOURITE teacher......she ROCKED as a 5th-grade teacher,....and she ROCKS today, a volunteer, walker, and fund-raiser for The American Cancer Society.

Here's to TEACHERS everywhere!!!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DEC' (orate.....) Your Halls!!! ......and enter Scot Meacham Wood's contest!

The Season is upon us,.....since MOST of us do NOT wait until Christmas Eve to decorate their tree (I'd LOVE to hear,...and blog,...about those of you who wait.....), here's a national contest that all of my Peeps can enter...

As you might remember from LAST YEAR (2011), fireplace at Christmas at Callanwolde, which Norren Kloc, my decorative artist and faux-finisher, decorated for me, WON FIRST PLACE in Scot's mantle category,......AND, my tartan-filled Christmas tree, also at Callanwolde in my Billiards Room, won SECOND PLACE in Scot's "Best-Christmas-Tree contest.........

So,....of course I plan to enter again this year,.......YOU SHOULD, TOO!!!

...and, while you're at it,.....sign up for Scot Meacham Wood's blog,,...the BEST blog on Interior Design I know of.......



Friday, November 2, 2012

How does Your Garden Grow? Here's Mine.......

One of my favourite things on Earth is my Front Garden, Side Garden, and my Back Garden.  Here are some photos of my Front Garden,.....I just weeded and swept the sidewalks,.....and gave the garden a good drink.

When I bought this house in 1995, it had a front yard (that I mowed), a side yard (that I mowed) and a back yard ,.....a BIG backyard....(that I mowed).  Over the years I've replaced all grass with GARDENS, fountains, and stone patios.  BTW: I DONATED my lawn mower over 6 years ago to our Local Fire Station, Atlanta #23,....right around the block from me.  Uncle Mark don't need to mow no more..........!!!

I had this River Rock fountain installed in the Side Garden......(with my many goldfish...).  Scott Arnold's company did a GREAT job on my fountain, ...AND those killer columns I designed out front.

I'd LOVE for you to send me photos of YOUR Gardens!

Gardening: It's A Good Thing!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

ELLE DECOR: The Luxury Report

Like so much else in life, luxury is relative. When it comes to interior design, the concept is often invoked, but its meaning can take many forms. So what’s relevant today? To find out, we surveyed the profession and turned to some of our favorite designers for their insights on what constitutes real luxury now.

Elle D├ęcor conducted a survey of over 400 members of the magazine’s Designer Registry in an effort to uncover what luxury means to designers today. The survey asked what are the luxury trends, what's luxury now, what's out, and what counts now? It explores how the economy is affecting luxury to quality vs. quantity, big vs. small and what the most important staple item in a luxury home is.

And I'm featured! How cool.

*Here are some highlights from the survey..........
• More than 76% of designers feel 2013 will be a better year for their business. Only 3% think it will be worse.

• The most frequent purchases that designers will make include fabrics and wall coverings at 64%; followed by carpeting and rugs at 50%. Paint will be the most frequently purchased with 69% of designers buying it seven times or more.

• More than half the designers surveyed believe they will commission custom pieces for clients just as frequently—75% say they are creating custom work for clients as often or more than before the recession.

• Quality beats everything else in determining what constitutes true luxury, with 68% of designers citing it as the single most important factor. No other aspect reached even double digits in the survey.

• What’s the most crucial amenity for a luxury home? A whopping 74% of designers listed a spa bath. Outdoor kitchens, home gyms, and pools were cited by more than 60%.

• 72% of designers say they will make at least seven art/antiques purchases within the next 12 months. 

• The other big purchase? Appliances. 58% plan to spec major appliances for clients at least three times within the year.

• 34% of designers agree that of primary importance in propelling a home into the luxury category is location. Architectural elements are second, with nearly 27% selecting that factor. Only 1% mentioned square footage.

*The survey went beyond statistics and asked top designers to weigh in with their thoughts about luxury........

“Luxury is more a state of mind than a state of pocketbook,” said Ann McDonald of Couture Chateau. “It’s the confidence you have in being happy and content and without worries.”

"Luxury is defining your life so it fits your needs." -Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design.

"People now need the professionalism of an interior designer more than ever. A GOOD designer makes your home look wonderful; a GREAT designer does so while saving money and avoiding mistakes." -Mark Sunderland of Mark Sunderland Interiors

Read more about it...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shepherd Center

As many of you know,.....I've volunteered at Shepherd Center (the ABI.....Aquired Brain Injury........floor) EVERY Thursday afternoon/evening........for the past 6+ years.

It is my favourite day of the week.  I can go there at 4 pm, exhausted from a productive day of decorating,....and 3 hours later, leave REFRESHED with my head back-on-straight.  

I volunteer in honour of my buddy, Michael O'Neill, who was my first Design-Assistant at Beverly Hall Furniture Galleries.

Michael and I email each other often,.......CHECK OUT his new apartment.......even with a brain injury, he can still decorate with flair and sophistication.  I'm so proud of my friend, Michael.

Last year, I was asked to be on the Shepherd Center Advisory Board, an honour to be sure.

In memory of my late father, Corp. James R. Sunderland, Sr. (WWII, South Pacific), I accept donations from my many friends and clients for Shepherd Center's SHARE PROGRAM.

Learn more...... Patient Care | Donate

I love to "Pay It Forward,"......ESPECIALLY for Shepherd Center.

Give if you can, or forward this to an American friend who values our Military as much as I do.

Thanks, All!
*Download the new Fall issue of "Spinal Column" magazine here.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Arthur Cohen: In Remembrance.........

So sad to hear this from Anne Irwin (one of my favourite art galleries in Atlanta).
I am delighted to say that I have 3 works by Mr. Cohen, and I love each one of them equally....

Framed by Digital Arts Studios,... in an industrial-metal frame with riveting.

What a loss to the Art Community.........

Arthur Cohen

It is with great sadness that Anne Irwin Fine Art announces the passing of one of the great 20th century artists, Arthur Cohen.  Anne represented Arthur for over 10 years and became a great friend of the artist.  His education was stellar including Cooper Union and the Art Students League where he became a contemporary of such artists as Motherwell, Calvin Trillin, Ben Sonnenbery and others.

Cohen, was a bright and shining star in the art world, having been represented by the Forum Gallery in New York as well as showing in galleries all over the North East.  His awards are too numerous to list, but among the most prestigious are:  the Pollack-Kasner Award, Guggenheim Award and the Child Hassam Purchase award. American Academy of Arts and Letters.

He was in renowned collections, Joseph H. Hirshhorn Foundation, J. Walter Thompson Agency, New York, Bank of Boston among others.

Perhaps the most important acclaim he received was from his peers.  He hangs in the private collections of Wolf Kahn, Lise Motherwell, and other well know artists.

His museum Collections reads as a who’s who in the art world.  Among the most prestigious include Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC.

Arthur Cohen was a accomplished man and one that will be sadly missed in the art world.  And by those that collected his work.

  Anne Irwin
Gallery Owner
Anne Irwin Fine Art