Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baker Furniture, Anne Irwin Galleries, and Mark Sunderland Interiors

I have been very honoured to have been selected by Melody Trivosone, the new Showroom Manager of Baker Knapp & Tubbs, ADAC, to participate with about a dozen or so other interior designers for a private function in their beautiful showroom the week of Design ADAC.

Anne Irwin Fine Art, one of my favourite art galleries in Atlanta, will be showing some wonderful paintings from her gallery amongst the beautiful room settings at Baker.

Baker and I go way back.  At Beverly Hall Furniture Galleries, I had a loyal following of Baker clients.  Here's a photo of one of my "All Baker" rooms:

.....and guess where those beautiful paintings came from?  That's right, Anne Irwin Fine Art!

I am so looking forward from returning from Kentucky Derby Weekend and participating in this fine Event with Baker and Anne Irwin.

Having been an Independent Designer since Fall 2010, when Beverly Hall closed their doors, I'm a "regular" at the Baker Showroom at ADAC.

Are YOU a Baker fan like me?  If so, I'd be happy to propose your new Dining Room, Living Room, bedroom, or, as one of my Baker clients did, furnish your ENTIRE home with all the different Collections from Baker and Milling Road.

Thank you, Melody, for this wonderful opportunity to network my businesses: Mark Sunderland Interiors, Inc. and Mark Sunderland Antiques, LLC. (http://www.msunderland.com/)

I'll keep y'all posted on how the Event goes!

Keep Calm and Use Baker and Anne Irwin Fine Art!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little "Retail Therapy" helps the psyche, don'tcha' think?

Once in a while, we all need a little Retail Therapy to help make our lives a little brighter (said Retail Therapy works, by-the-way, when you buy a new sofa, a new bed, or have me re-decorate a whole room......HINT-HINT).  After an uber-productive day of antiquing, errand-running, and stops at ADAC, I stopped at my Barnes & Noble on Peachtree Road and treated myself to these five new (to me) CDs.  

I'm not your "download via iTunes" kinda guy; I like to hear the ENTIRE album, and enjoy listening to new tunes for a month or so, then put them away in the custom-drawers my cabinet-maker made for me when I built my new kitchen 10 years ago (photo later in the blog).

Here's what I bought today:

Mumford & Sons: Babel (see them on TV all the time; wanted to try them)

David Bowie: The Next Day (Bowie is one of my favourites; I have many of his albums).

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mosquito (my 3rd of 4th of theirs; GREAT road music!)

Sarah Brightman: Dreamchaser (Sis Jill and I LOVE her voice!  Saw her on Broadway).

And Depeche Mode: Delta Machine (another of my favourite groups).

As you can see, my taste in music goes in many directions; perhaps yours does as well.  Let me know if any of my choices appeal to you,.....and give me an idea of which albums I should add to my library.

Only problem IS:  as you can see, I've run out of drawer space!

Keep Calm and Keep The Music Business Alive!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Great Way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a friend.......

A couple weeks ago, I attended the 25th Anniversary of the Southeastern Flower Show.  My friend, Sandra Erickson, and I had a great afternoon together.

Here are some things we saw:

THIS was the Entry Garden (non-judged) at the entrance to the Show.  It was designed by: Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd.

I really liked this "vertical garden" of stacked-squares (you know how I like squares.  If memory serves, this was by: Design Install Maintain: 770-222-3304.  Very creative displays!

This is from one of the design vignettes sponsored by ADAC.  I thought Jeffrey Bruce Baker had a wonderful space, featuring this FABULOUS cream ceramic flower shown on the book: The Mad Men of Modern.

For a Flower Show, I thought this arrangement, shadowboxed in an oval frame, mimicking the oval spiral, was beautiful.  Kathryn Hendicks, from The Peachtree Garden Club, entered this.  She won 1st place in her category!  Congrats, Kate!

THIS floral-arrangement, in a University of Georgia football helmet, was a BIG hit,...with the public, and, as you can see by their 1st-place ribbon, with the judges.  Very clever!  Something to keep in mind for those tailgate parties!!!!

Ed Castro Landscaping , who had a HUGE display, never disappoints.  This water-feature was unique, textural, and very-simple.  Ed's gardens were packed with inspirational ideas.  Many of my interior-design clients use Ed Castro; he certainly listens to his clients and their landscape dreams.

One of my favourite stops at The Flower Show was stopping to talk to the man showing his peonys. He had all colours available, and said he had a great Show, which didn't surprise me.  His business is in Bernardsville, New Jersey; website: http://peonysenvy.com.  Anyone looking to plant some healthy peonys,....I'd contact these nice folks.  They CERTAINLY get the "Business Name of the Year:" Peony's Envy,....which he assured me that his wife named years ago.  Here's their sign:

HILARIOUS!   ....and, I bet you never forget it!

Try to attend NEXT YEAR'S Southeastern Flower Show; it's always great to see floral-designers' creativity and inspiration!

Keep Calm And Plant Something!