Monday, April 23, 2012

Renovation 101

I LOVE hearing from a client who wants my help on a kitchen or bathroom renovation.  Recently, I consulted on a "make-over" on a 3-bedroom townhouse in Brookhaven that had that "early-90s" look,...okay,..but dated nonetheless.  I actually found the perfect contractor for my clients, and, with his help and expertise, proposed a FABULOUS renovation, staying WITHIN-BUDGET (the most-important part!).

The clients got involved, and visited the marble/granite yard, the bathroom-fixture showroom, and the lighting store (AFTER I had already-visited and pre-selected the right product......too many choices just gets overwhelming to clients)....they actually really liked the selection-process (they thought they wouldn't)....

A little French (Haute and froid) thrown in.....

I came up with a custom colour of pistachio-green for the Master Bath cabinetry.

I used a Ralph Lauren grass cloth wallpaper, Sudan Earth, for the renovated Powder Room. Changed the pedestal sink to a new model from Kohler.

 it's all in the details......I could have used brown plastic outlets, but, since we only needed 4, I proposed an oiled-rubbed bronze.  Fabulous.

One of my "tricks,"....using wallpaper in built-in bookcases.  Ralph Lauren's Sudan Earth.


Original art from Catherine Kelleghan Galleries, Atlanta.

End of story: they LOVE their "new" home,...and trust me, it really does look brand-new.  They especially like the paint colours I used, the new stain colour for their hardwood floors, the new door knobs I chose,....every little detail.

I'm proud of the final result; here are some photos to share with y'all......


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A collected, classic, signature style

Written by Martine Resnick, of [martine louise design]
Posted April 10, 2012 | Mark Sunderland Interiors

1: Describe what you do in a sentence or two
A: I'm either an interior designer that sells antiques or an antique dealer that decorates houses. I guess I wear two different hats. Then again, I have hats for: marriage counselor, psychotherapist, educator,... and class-clown. I like hats.

2: When did you first fall in love with design?
A: Growing up, I lived in the tiniest of houses, with only the most-essential of furnishings. My Aunt Blanche and Uncle Glen, however, had the nicest of everything, especially down-cushioned chairs. I must have been 7 or 8 when I noticed that every Spring , Aunt Blanche put floral slipcovers on every chair and sofa in her living room, transforming the same furniture into colourful bouquets of comfort. I guess I fell in love with interior design then.

3: What do you love most about your design trips to Europe?
A: What I like most about design trips to Europe,...over-and-above the fact that I KNOW that I'll find fabulous treasures for my clients, meeting new antique dealers and re-visiting Olde Friends that I've been buying from for years. This is a PEOPLE business; I say it all the time! ...Plus, staying at the Goring Hotel in London ain't so shabby, either!

4: What do you love about design in the South?
A: I moved to the South from Pennsylvania in 1994. I immediately recognized that Southerners have a different value-system for their homes that what I had witnessed in the North. "Attention-To-Detail" is a very nice middle-name to have in the South.

5: What can we expect to see next from you?
A: I just-might be working on a yacht-renovation later this year. My clients will never use "that word," so let's just say that I'll be "working on their boat." Ralph Lauren has a FANTASTIC new collection of outdoor-fabrics in a Nautical-theme; I cannot WAIT to propose them to my clients.

To see more pictures and read the full article, click here!

Friday, April 6, 2012


The Sunderland Family always valued EASTER as a most-important Holiday Weekend.  As Christians, it is as-important as Christmas, if not more-important to our Family.

Mom and Dad are gone, but that doesn't mean SISTER JILL and I won't be sharing stories and laughs. I was supposed to visit her this year (in Pennsylvania), but I have a sinus infection and can't see myself getting on a plane for any amount of time.  Sure, we miss Mom and Dad, ....terribly,...and ESPECIALLY during these Special Holidays,.....but Life goes on, and, fortunately we were raised to believe that there IS something beyond our lives on Earth.

Our family ALWAYS coloured eggs on Good Friday.  This photo is from last year.

May You and Yours enjoy this Important Time of matter your family heritage or religion.

Family Traditions are wonderful to have, don't you think?  ...even if it's a long-distance telephone call just to say hi.

Have a Blessed Holiday, Everyone!

Love to All,......

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lamps I 'design

One of my favourite things in Interior Design is proposing the perfect lamps for a client's home.  It is something I do pretty well,...from what I've been told.

Sometimes I find objects when I'm out-and-about antiquing,....and the first thing I think of is: "that would make a GREAT lamp!" consequently, many of my clients have exclusive, one-of-a-kind lamps that no one else has.

I want to clarify about being a lamp "designer;" .....why I'm using quotation marks.  I'm not sitting in my Studio sketching ideas on paper and having lamp manufacturers fabricate my "designs.". I do, however, know how to take some things and make them into something else.

The artistry of SHADING a lamp is something I do pretty well.......with the help of the owner of the ONE and ONLY place I purchase my lamp shades.  I, as the designer, can choose the appropriate colour and texture and pretty-much the SIZE of the shade, but selecting the perfect 8 1/2" harp as opposed to a 10" harp is something I leave to the expert I visit.

Back in 2006, I was asked by a magazine writer "What's a single thing you would do to bring a dull house to life?". My response: "Add about 20 more lamps."

Certain Interior Designers have certain specialties.  What you do BEST is usually what you have a PASSION for doing.  I flat-out LOVE choosing the right lamps (and lampshades........AND finials......I'm also "known for" my unique finials)......for my clients.

Look around your home,....and if you feel you could use a few more lamps,....give me a ring.