Monday, May 14, 2012

the adventures of tartanscot

My blog this time is, in fact, a "borrowed blog" from Scot Meecham Wood, an Über-Talented interior designer from San Francisco.  Scot has, in my opinion, one of the BEST blogs out-there for the Interior Design community.

As many of you know, I could not attend High Point Furniture Market earlier this year, as I was in Asheville, North Carolina on an important installation with wonderful clients.

Bernhardt is one of my FAVOURITE lines of furniture to spec, propose, and SELL my clients who want affordable, well-made furniture for their homes. They really have their finger on the pulse of this industry,....AND the Economy.......

I already have a client (or 2) in mind for that WONDERFUL chest of drawers covered in linen and decorative nailheads that Scot shows in his blog.

I thank Scot Meecham Wood for showing me (and my audience) Bernhardt's newest introductions from High Point.  

I look forward to hearing from clients who might like that chest,......or any of the other new-introductions from Bernhardt.  Dimensions and prices upon request.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, Bernhardt Furniture!  .....and might I add that they have some of the BEST customer-service offered in the Industry!



Monday, May 7, 2012

Mark's Billiard Blog...

I just finished another great project in Asheville, North Carolina.  My clients asked for my help proposing just the RIGHT thing for their Pool Room on their Terrace Level.

Boy, did I learn A LOT on his project.  I kinda-knew there was a difference between Pool and Billiards,....but when you have a client who played SNOOKERS when he went to Georgia Tech (across the road in a room ABOVE The Varsity, so I understand....) you darn-better find the RIGHT product for this discerning pool enthusiast.

Months ago, after stopping at the WRONG pool-table distributor,...I later found the RIGHT place: GREATER SOUTHERN HOME RECREATION ( where I met Chris Jurnack.  Chris and I spent several hours discussing what my client wanted: nice, but not over-the-top crazy-nice (and much more expensive).  Chris and I bonded immediately, ESPECIALLY after he stated that the MOST IMPORTANT part of he whole process is the CUSTOM-INSTALLATION (they exclusively use: Gabriel Chapman's company, CHAPMAN BILLIARD'S, For ALL their deliveries.

Gabriel Chapman, of Chapman Billiard's Installers, at work, smoothing out the lines separating the 3 panels of slate with BEESWAX!

I never realized that better pool tables are CUSTOM-installed on site......AMAZING skills by Chapman's Billiards Installers!

Since I was proposing from an Atlanta Showroom (and my client preferred to visit what I had found in Atlanta), the RIGHT installer for Asheville, North Carolina was KEY!

After I did my homework, finding 2-3 choices of: tables, light fixtures, barstools and pub tables, I set-up an appointment for my client to meet Chris and me t the Showroom.  Within an hour, my client chose from our proposals, impressed with the "homework" I had done 2 weeks earlier.

Last Wednesday's installation by Gabriel Chapman's company was like watching artistry-at-work.  I could blog JUST on his skills and workmanship alone; suffice it to say, the Connelly pool table came down a split-staircase in stages: the legs, the top, the 3 panels of 1 1/4" SLATE, the fine black, worsted wool,....where ALL is custom-built ON-SITE (simply amazing, I thought). How many of you out-there know about using bees-wax in the installation?

Chris Jurnack REALLY knew his product!

We found this fine, AMERICAN-MADE furniture (2 Pub tables and 4 Bar stools) at  Greater Southern Home Recreation, Atlanta.

Who knew? Instead of the standard cue stick wall storage, Greater Southern offers this FINE storage BENCH.  Additional seating for 2 more people; I liked that!

Close up of leather pocket on Connelly table and the hand-knotted rug I found for my clients.
Connelly brand 9' custom pool table from Greater Southern Home Recreation.

 An oil painting we used in the room...

End result: another Mark Sunderland Interiors success story.  Clients LOVED IT,......and I couldn't have done it without the help and knowledge of such fine, CONSUMATE, professionals.

Let me know if you have a burning-desire for a new pool room in your home.  As you can see,.....I travel for business.  ....and especially like when everything turns out JUST-RIGHT.

Set-'em UP, Jimmy!

Best to all....