Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Christmas at Callanwolde Designer Showhouse

I know what you're thinking,........Christmas ALREADY???!!!  Hey, I'm not playing Christmas tunes as a background to this blog, so consider yourself saved by THAT!

...just a note to let y'all know that I'm participating in this year's Christmas at Callanwolde.  Last year, my Billiards Room (above) was a Big Hit (at least in my own mind,....haha),....no, really, it was actually well-received and I was honoured to have been invited back this year:

Discerning homeowners trust interior designer Mark Sunderland to create exquisite interiors that combine his extensive design experience with the classic, high-quality furnishings available through his namesake firm. His intrinsic understanding of light, texture, colour, space and proportion inspires rooms that are polished and accessible. In choosing the Entrance Foyer, Sunderland shares his philosophy that foyers "set the tone" and introduce one's guests to the house with a sincere "Welcome!"

Great Hall
Mark Sunderland is honoured to participate in yet-another Christmas at Callanwolde. The Great Hall is an opportunity to feature his decorating skills using antique furnishings from his company, Mark Sunderland Antiques, located at Historic Roswell Antique Markets,.....and monthly as a Permanent Dealer at Scott Antique Market, North Building. Over the years, the Candlers collected furniture pieces from Europe and America; Sunderland pays homage to the house's heritage with unique pieces from many Periods, just as he does with his clients' homes.

On a sad note, Callanwolde's Director, Dr. Sam Goldman, died last week.  I attended his Memorial Service at Callanwolde.  SRO!  He was truly loved and will be missed as the face of Callanwolde, having worked there for 30+ years,.....Director since 1998.

When Deborah and I were there measuring earlier this month, Sam came downstairs (hearing my voice) and gave me a BIG hug, welcoming me to another year at Callanwolde.  It was such a shock hearing two weeks later of his unexpected death.  I will never forget Sam's infectious smile; the World has truly lost one of "The Beautiful People."

But as we know, Life goes on.  Christmas at Callanwolde will continue,....this year and every year.  ....and I'm sure that ALL of the Designers will do their best to make this year's Christmas at Callanwolde Designer Showhouse the best EVER!

Cheers, Everybody!


Monday, September 3, 2012


As an interior designer, I always seem to be working on a drapery-job or two each month.  One of the reasons,...and the MOST IMPORTANT reason: I've used the SAME drapery-workroom for over 18 years.  Starting the years I worked at Ralph Lauren Home, then for 15 years at Beverly Hall,...and now, with Mark Sunderland Interiors, my new clients discover what my repeat-customers have know for years: custom-draperies don't have to "break the bank."

It's a combination of product knowledge,...both fabrics and hardware.  "Window-Treatments," as they're known in the 'Biz, can sometimes be fully-functional,......sometimes non-functional, just providing a little "softening" to the room.

In any event, the right draperies can help "finish" that room with TIMELESS, classic treatments.  Just take a look at my website; I've been using some of the same techniques I've been doing for years!  No room for "trendy" in my World.

Here's my most-recent drapery installation from last week, with BEFORE and AFTER photos.  See the difference?   ....and my client LOVED her new "window-treatments!"

DURING the installation.....William Bone with his helper, Joe.

Dining Room; BEFORE draperies

Dining Room; AFTER!

Living Room; BEFORE draperies

Living Room; AFTER!


1: Close-up of Dining Room silk fabric from Kravet; 2: The Living Room silk, also from Kravet, reads nicely with the client's vintage, celadon lamps with jade finials.

Best to All....