Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Equestrian Interiors

If I say so myself, I know how to incorporate equestrian art and accessories into my clients homes.  I've been doing it for 20+ years,....starting with my start in Interior Design at: Ralph Lauren Home.

Probably the BEST artist of The Horse is: George Stubbs.  Google his stuff: amazing!  Visit it at a museum near you!:


The Downtown Abbey rage has helped my equestrian decorating, that's for sure!  Here's Mary riding,.....side-saddle, of course!


Y'all know that we show MANY pictures, paintings, and accessories where I work at: HOME FASHION INTERIORS.  AND, I've been selling (steadily) all kinds of horsey-stuff at Mark Sunderland Antiques since 1994! 

Here's just a smattering of what I've been proposing to my Design Clients lately.  Enjoy! 

Cast iron jockeys from Kentucky for lanterns waiting to be wired for your driveway...
LARGE horse triptych; original oil.
Pair of cast iron horse lamps. Early 20th century oil of Polo Player. All at Mark Sunderland Antiques.
Bits and Pieces.....
LOTS 'O Equestrian Art at: HOME FASHION INTERIORS!! 770-664-9544; ask for Mark (haha!).
Bronze Stallion; Home Fashion Interiors, Alpharetta.
More bronze from Theo and Alexander at: Home Fashion Interiors.
Hermes-Inspired metal/glass serving HOME FASHION INTERIORS!
What equestrian-lover WOULDN'T like this Hermes horse blanket for their brown leather sofa??????
And finally, my own flatware: Ralph Lauren's Equestrian braid; when it comes to Equestrian interiors, let's face it: Ralph does it BEST!


Keep Calm and Don't Fall Off Your Horse!!!!!