Monday, August 20, 2012

It's All-About Texture

...just thought I'd blog about a project I'm currently working on.

My new clients, who live in East Cobb County (Marietta, Georgia), met me last month at Scott Antique Market, where I exhibit each month.  They picked-up one of my cards, and later that weekend, checked out my Design Portfolio on my website and on the Elle Decor Registry.

They liked my work, and, although they do not need a STICK of furniture, they're doing a lot to perk-up their wonderful home built in the late-80s.

This photograph shows how I'm incorporating TEXTURE as well as COLOUR into their "soon-to-be-new" Dining Room.

The grasscloth wallpaper on the left: a well-priced paper from Ernest Gaspard and Associates, ADAC.  Of course, The Hangman, Inc. will install, as always.

The fabric shown is one I found at an "off-the-bolt" fabric store.  The soft sage-greens really compliment  the tones in the wallpaper.  We're re-upholstering their 8 Dining Room chairs in this geometric-woven fabric.

And, to save money on custom-made-draperies,......I'm installing that wonderful "tortoise" woven wood shades in the windows. The simplicity of these woven wood shades (unlined) should really provide that fresh, simple look that my clients were going-for!

It's simply "a texture-thing" sometimes........

I'll post "after" photos when the project is completed next month.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Antique Dealer

Hey, Everyone!

Today, I'm working with my Number One, Deborah Porter,.....pricing, cataloging, and sending images to my Internet Guy, Jr. DeBarros, to post my stuff on Pinterest and prepare my e-blasts for this week's Scott Antique Market Show.

Two shout-outs for Deborah and Jr.:  DEBORAH is a FABULOUS accountant; many of my Designer Friends and Antique Dealers use her. [Forms & Figures,]............ and JR. [] is just-about the best thing since sliced bread,.....with his professional advice and ├╝ber-wonderfully orchestrated e-blasts and blogs.....I provide him copy and photos,...and VOILA!.....he works his magic,....making my posts really beautiful (I don't know how,....and don't wanna know how........).......

We're ALL busy, Folks,....if it is ONE THING I've learned over-the-years,'s " you can't do it all......."......but with professionals like Deborah and Jr., gives me time to go out antiquing,.....and, occasionally, opportunity to read my pile-o-New Yorkers!

And,...if you were wondering,......we WHISTLE WHILE WE WORK!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Bernhardt Furniture: a furniture brand that's been around for years.......and I'm happy to say that I've been a Bernhardt Dealer since opening my company, Mark Sunderland Interiors, Inc.

Looking over my furniture-orders in the past year, I've noticed that there are MANY multiple-piece orders for Bernhardt.  Two reasons come to mind:

First, Bernhardt has great INTRINSIC-VALUE for quality-furniture in our present Economy!  I've sold TWO full-dining-rooms from the collection shown, Somerset Hill.  FABULOUS hand-rubbed finish on mahogany!

Secondly, Bernhardt, in my opinion, really seems to have their "finger on the pulse" of the furniture Industry, offering some of the BEST traditional AND transitional Collections of all the lines I propose for my clients.

Connect to the link I've provided,.....and, if there's a piece (or 2 or 3) that you'd like me to price for you, let me know!

I look forward to hearing from you!