Monday, February 25, 2013

It's The Little Things........

A couple weeks ago, I was power-shopping for fabrics at ADAC.  Although there is a VERY-nice restaurant upstairs, this designer was SO appreciative of the lunchtime offering at the KRAVET showroom, as I was scurrying to get to a client's house by mid-afternoon.

Check THIS out: EVERY day, the nice people at Kravet have a little "spread," (pun intended)....... in their showroom.  This day, there was this uber-tasty cucumber number, with fresh crackers, and the usual pretzel-sticks, candy, and fresh ice water.

Sometimes, you just need a little-sumpin' to get you through mid-day, and Kravet always come through in that department.

Peggy Flanagan, as usual, helped me find the PERFECT buttercup yellow fabric, among others,.......and I learned that Peggy has passed the Kravet Showroom Manager torch to Debbie Nelson, which is: A Good Thing!

Peggy is starting a 4-day work week (I'm GREEN with envy) to simply get a little more out of Life (think: long weekends EVERY weekend!).

I'm happy for Peggy, and congratulate Debbie on her new position.

Over-and-above the fact that Kravet has wonderful fabrics, their staff is always there for we designers on the thanks, Kravet, for exemplary SERVICE,....and THANKS FOR LUNCH!!!

Keeping Calm and Carrying On..........


Thursday, February 21, 2013

French, but not 'Frenchy'......

Here's a photo of a coffee-table I JUST PURCHASED from Judy Rohrer, my sales representative at Baker, Knapp & Tubbs, ADAC.

It's from FRENCH HERITAGE, a fabulous furniture-maker that STILL makes fine furniture in FRANCE!  I sold French Heritage product for over 14 years at Beverly Hall Furniture Galleries; the woods, metals, and the way they FINISH their product is A+ all the way!!!

When I was at ADAC last month, spec'ing BAKER furniture for a Design-Client, I spotted THIS baby,......and noticed that it had an original retail price of: $8000.00.  It had been marked-down (as it has recently been edited from their line)  to a price I simply couldn't resist.  I BOUGHT it, and have it in my Home Studio, awaiting the RIGHT CLIENT who needs: a FINE, hand-waxed wood coffee table AT THE PRICE OF ONE OF MUCH-LESS quality from one of those catalogues you get in the mail.

MY price for this coffee-table is: $1799.00!!!!!!  Remember: original price $8K (I even left the original price on the piece).  SIZE:  47"wide x 32.5"depth x 16.5" height.

Here are some additional photos I personally shot, showing the SLIDE-FEATURE which opens and closes over handy-storage areas for your many magazines and books.  Drawers on one side that slide-through from either-side (great for games, cards, junque,......) and a nice storage shelf (perhaps for art books, tissues, etc.).

Size: 47"w x 32.5"d x 16.5"h; shown decorated in my Home Studio. 
GREAT side "pockets" for your periodicals!

Another shot of this WONDERFUL coffee table; my price: $1799.00!!!

This is a GREAT opportunity for someone who just-might need a new coffee table for their Family Room or TV Room.  It would look great in-front of a fabric OR leather sofa........

As I mentioned, it's here, safe and sound, at my Home Studio in Atlanta.  I'll be happy to get an affordable quote to SHIP it ANYWHERE in the USA; just let me know!

As always, Keep Calm And Carry On!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

PINTEREST: A Plethora of Ideas!!!!!

I've been "pinning" on Pinterest for a little over a year, now.

Several months ago, I noticed that contrast-shoestrings seem to be a NEW IDEA in the shoe industry.  Many of the pins I saw were from shoe companies that were a little-"young" for me.........But I can up with this (I thought ORIGINAL until I saw a DIOR-HOMME pin 3 weeks after I found red-shoelaces and spent a rainy Sunday afternoon lacing some old shoes, some over 20 years old)........

In any event, "original" or not, I am a very happy-camper with my now-new brown shoes!  I've received MANY compliments at ADAC, Scott's, eating-out.........everyone seems to think that they're Über-Cool and SOOOOO me!

Suffice it to say that THIS designer keeps up on TRENDS.......but I must say that, as an Interior Designer, I sometimes hear from design clients that they want that trendy Ikat fabric or lucite end-table; sometimes these trends work,...sometimes they don't.  It all depends on that personal-look that you want to have in your home.

Let me know if you're PINNING on Pinterest; and, of course, if you ARE, follow me to see what I post.  It's fun and something to do when I come home at night, too-tired to read.

Keep pinning, y'all!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey, Everybody!  Just wanted to let you know that one of my FAVOURITE chandelier/sconces resource is: Ironware International.

Made in FRANCE,.......and of the highest-quality!!!

Check out their new, QUATREFOIL chandelier!!!! As many of you know, trefoils and quatrefoils (think: 3 or 4-leaf clover) are two of my FAVOURITE shapes ........and let's not forget how much Uncle Mark likes OCTAGONS!!!

Scan through Ironware International's website; I'll be happy to price that perfect new chandelier for your dining room.....

Here's a photo of my most-recent Ironware International installation; it REALLY made a BIG difference in my client's Dining Room!

Check out the DETAIL!!!!!

Keep Calm and Carry On!!!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tommy Bahama: "If you knew Tommy like I knew Tommy........"

I remember when the name Tommy Bahama broke-into the menswear business back in the 80s.  Even though I was buying for land-locked Central Pennsylvania, every time Joel Cohen (owner of Young Men's Shop, Altoona and State College, PA) and I would put these "island, beachy" shirts and pants in the store, they FLEW off the shelves.

Now, 20+ years later, this name, Tommy Bahama, is back in my life, Collections of FURNITURE from Lexington Home Brands, which I've had an account for the last 2+ years.  According to my sales rep, Lexington's Tommy Bahama KINGSTOWN COLLECTION has been "trending up" lately,....which, in this Furniture Economy, is saying something.

Here's the VIDEO of the KINGSTOWN COLLECTION by Lexington.  When I "spec" this Collection, I personally try to mix some LIGHTER pieces into a room of furniture, but some clients just like to get everything to "match," which is AOK for my MATCHERS (Mel and David and Jane and Tom,...well, at least MEL and JANE know what I mean........); it's all-about what YOU, the customer, WANTS (with my expert help, of course!!!!!).

Nice, eh?

AND,......,,as you browse through the MANY other Collections of TOMMY BAHAMA, check out my FAVOURITE OUTDOOR COLLECTION of Lexington's: Tommy Bahama Island Estate Veranda, .......which has the look of leather-wrapped bamboo, but is made in WEATHER-RESISTANT aluminum in a great umber colouration,......FABULOUS for your OUTSIDE areas that just-might need a NEW LOOK for this Spring/Summer.

FEBRUARY is the BEST TIME to ORDER new patio furniture (so you're not scrambling-around in May, buying whatever-the-heck is available "off-the-floor" (you should know by now how rarely THAT works........).....

So, there you have it!  Quality-Furniture at AFFORDABLE prices,.....just measure your space and I'll be happy to do a floor-plan, no matter if you live down-the-Interstate from me, or, Pennsylvania Peeps know, Mark Sunderland Interiors has a pre-approved RECEIVING WAREHOUSE in Central Pennsylvania!!!!!  So let me know what you'd like me to price-out,...and, of course, I can start the process with some no-charge memo-samples in the colours of YOUR choice.

I look forward to hearing from you, as always.....

THINK SPRING!!!!!!   It'll be here before you know it!