Monday, August 12, 2013


Remember Mr. Rogers?  Remember, "Won't you be my neighbor?"

Well, .......YOU could be my neighbor!!!  Kyle and Kelly, my next-door neighbors JUST put their charming house on the Market.  AND........Kelly herself is the listing agent!

It's a great house in a great neighborhood (Berkeley Park) in central Atlanta,....1/2 mile from I-75. SO convenient,...I can get just about anywhere in 20-30 minutes!  And of course, you'd have MY beautiful property to look at every day (haha).

With the fenced-in back yard, this is a great home for a dog lover (Kelly and Kyle have 2).  They've done a GREAT job renovating,....and that screened-in back porch ROCKS!!!!

So give Kelly a call, or please forward to someone you know who wants a great house (and a great neighbor) in Mid-Atlanta.  At this price, it'll sell FAST!!!

Keep Calm And Live In Berkeley Park!