Monday, June 11, 2012

what MSI can do in 3 days flat

On Friday, May 4th, I received a call from a Delta executive who had heard of me and my work as an interior designer from her dear friend, a wonderful client (and friend) from several-years ago.

I LOVE referrals!  I scheduled a complimentary 2-hour appointment on Sunday evening at 7 pm.  We met, and our "idea files" were uncannily similar for the look she had expressed to me over the phone.
She had just purchased (and moved-into) her new home in Morningside, a nice area of Atlanta.  Her new house was much bigger than her former bungalow, ....with an open floor-plan that somewhat "threw a wrench" into her comfort-zone in decorating it properly.

She mentioned that she was having 11 people over THURSDAY EVENING.......and asked just how much I could accomplish in 3 days.

I started first thing Monday morning with rugs.  I moved/recycled her existing rugs into places like her guest bedrooms and finished basement.

Then, I tried 2-3 rugs for each space that I had previewed at my favourite rug gallery.  At 4 pm, I left the house,...went to Bradley-Hughes at ADAC, and chose a few, über-cool end-tables that I took on-approval.

Quick-stop back home to grab a bite to eat,...then returned to my client's house at 7 pm to review the rugs.  She LOVED all of them!

TUESDAY was decorate 4 or 5 BOOKCASES throughout her home.  I brought some of my "pretty-things" from my inventory at Mark Sunderland Antiques: art-glass vases, antique wood boxes, French pottery pitchers, and a reproduction Matisse drawing of the French poet, APPOLINAIRE.

She needed a few lamps, I brought just the right ones.

WEDNESDAY, ....I took one of her own decorative cream bowls and went to my floral wholesaler to create my "signature," white orchid arrangements.  Returned to her house,...and "fine-tuned" all, I could not return Thursday since I was exhibiting at the Scott Antique Market.

She selected all but 3-4 of the MANY things I had taken on approval.  Even her 16-year-old daughter loved the new look in all the bookcases.

Her soirée went well, ....and many of her guests complimented her on her wonderful, new home.

I am still working with my new client, .....proposing the items she still needs throughout the house WITHIN HER BUDGET.

It is such a pleasure working with such a NICE person; we're really having FUN with her project(s).

Enjoy the photos I took,..... More to come later this year....

*I've used The Hangman, Inc., and ONLY them, to hang my wallpaper jobs for over 10 years.

Best to all,....