Friday, November 2, 2012

How does Your Garden Grow? Here's Mine.......

One of my favourite things on Earth is my Front Garden, Side Garden, and my Back Garden.  Here are some photos of my Front Garden,.....I just weeded and swept the sidewalks,.....and gave the garden a good drink.

When I bought this house in 1995, it had a front yard (that I mowed), a side yard (that I mowed) and a back yard ,.....a BIG backyard....(that I mowed).  Over the years I've replaced all grass with GARDENS, fountains, and stone patios.  BTW: I DONATED my lawn mower over 6 years ago to our Local Fire Station, Atlanta #23,....right around the block from me.  Uncle Mark don't need to mow no more..........!!!

I had this River Rock fountain installed in the Side Garden......(with my many goldfish...).  Scott Arnold's company did a GREAT job on my fountain, ...AND those killer columns I designed out front.

I'd LOVE for you to send me photos of YOUR Gardens!

Gardening: It's A Good Thing!