Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Antiques for the Garden

Antique Chimney-Topper from England, of Course!
One of my favourite things to find for my antique clients are GARDEN ANTIQUES.  I'm always searching for that unique piece.  Faux-Bois, concrete, composite (early-concrete), stone, marble,.........well,......just take a Look-See:

1920's pebble stone birdbath

I had a piece of stone cut to put on top of my antique spheres from Bath, England. I love reading poetry here.

A pair of vintage (1940's) cast-iron lantern-holders (wired) received a politically-correct re-face......probably in the 1980's.

Another vintage birdbath. You can NEVER have too many birdbaths in your garden!

I found this stone vessel in the Loire Valley, France. Antique Dealers in France must date their merchandise. The dealer marked this: pre-historic. Must be pretty old!!! BTW:  my birds LOVE it!

These blackened spheres are English. C. 1910; English Arts and Crafts Period.

How do you like this antique sphere? FOOLED YOU! This is an inexpensive lightweight orb that "looks" antique. The more moss that grows on it, the older it looks.

Four antique concrete pots show boxwoods beautifully. Lion heads; from Bath, England.

These 19th century faux bois troughs are harder and harder to find. From the Paris Flea Market. French. I have 4 or 5 for sale....

Antique copper oblong cooking pot; French, 19th century. Mark Sunderland Antiques sells tons-o-antique copper!

Antique millstone, American. Large copper watering can: French, c. 1920s. Other watering can: reproduction; Smith & Hawkins.

I sell quite a few of these concrete British picnic baskets at my shop.

One of a pair. 19th century composite standing lions with shields. England.
I hope you've enjoyed these finds from Mark Sunderland Antiques.  Just send me a note to request dimensions and prices.  And always remember to:








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