Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meanwhile, in Mark's Garden; October 2013

Meanwhile, in Mark's Garden, October 2013 

Fall is my FAVOURITE time of year,....pumpkins, mums, leaves a-changin', crisp, cool air, cloudless, blue skies.  My gardens seem to be at their best in the Autumn, what with new growth over the Spring/Summer, and,....when I (or in this particular month, Dan Cleveland's crew) pull out all the weeds, trim the boxwoods, and plant those wonderful pansies that bloom all Winter here in Atlanta.

Here's a few photos of some of my gardens, taken on a beautiful Sunday morning in October:

Bachus.      And moi.
18th Century stone/pebble water trough

2 of my Japanese Maples

1920's French faux-bois with pansies in antique Majolica

Freshly-trimmed boxwoods

Healthy ferns

My goldfish fountain

Pansies in windowboxes for the winter

Yellow mums coming back in front garden....

As good as I am as an Interior Designer, my work (and any of our work) pales by comparison to what God does outside.  Next time you have a chance,.....go out and "play in the dirt!" 
Keep Calm And Plant A Perennial!!!

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